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Wonderbalm 50ml

The Glow



This velvety balm cleans, nourishes and protects the skin with pure jojoba oil and healing cupuacu butter. The effect: delicate, radiant skin with a stunning glow!

Cupuacu butter nourishes, moisturizes and has an anti-inflammatory effect Beeswax protects the skin barrier and helps to retain moisture

Stone seed root extract has a strong antibacterial effect.

Lavender oil soothes and has an antibacterial effect at the same time



As a cleanser and gentle peeling: massage a small amount of balm on the uncleaned, dry skin to remove make-up, dirt and dead skin cells. Dip the cleansing cloth in very warm water and use it to remove the balm.
As intensive care: massage Wonderbalm after cleansing on damp skin to soothe it and seal the moisture in the skin.
As a soothing face mask: Apply to clean skin. Cover with a damp, warm Cleansing Cloth for ten to fifteen minutes, then remove excess Wonderbalm with the cloth.


How you can still use Wonderbalm:

As a regenerating lip and eye care
As a natural highlighter on the cheeks, under the brows and on the upper lip
Tames and cares for the eyebrows
As a hand and nail balm: massage a small amount into the hand and cuticles
As a treatment for skin that requires special care: massage the balm onto all rough skin areas such as elbows, heels and knees.
As a completely natural all-round care for pregnant women and babies
As an intensive moisturizer: Mix the Wonderbalm with a little floral essence in the palm of your hand to form a light emulsion
As a creamy foundation: Mix the Wonderbalm with some mineral powder in your skin tone to form a slightly opaque foundation
As a lip scrub: mix a blob of Wonderbalm with a little sugar to make a gentle lip scrub



Jojoba oil, cupuacu butter, olive oil, beeswax, wild rose oil, stone seed root extract, lavender oil

Please store below 30 ° C. The balm can become softer at very high temperatures. Then place in the refrigerator to harden. The consistency of the balm has no effect.


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