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56.300 BD

Self reminder Sweater [Exclusive]



Self reminder sweater is an exclusive piece from Lahjtna’s Apocalypse Collection. This piece is primarily focused on the wearer rather than how the external surroundings of the individual depicts it. A series of bilingual messages that are phrased in various ways, all leading to the same meaning; everything you choose to do in life, make sure to listen to the intuitive part of you. In order for you to meet your truest form. Everything that you choose to create in this world or invest your energy in, should serve your well being instead of diminish it. Many of us have been conditioned to put other people’s needs above ours. This sweater serves as a tangible reminder that it’s time we become more aware of what we truly need and stop neglecting ourselves.

Exclusively launched at CactusDistrict &




100% Cotton

Embroidered text


Handwash only (lukewarm temperature)

Limited Pieces / No Restock

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