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Pager T-shirt [Exclusive]



Before we begin to explain the story behind this piece, In no way we are trying to be party poopers, even though this might seem cynical to some of you. But it's just a friendly reminder. 

— Pager is a piece that touches on the current worldwide obsession that all of us seem to be drawn into at one point in our lives; how we are viewed virtually. We unconsciously become so invested in the way strangers view us on the internet, that we create a whole different identity of ourselves. We focus a lot on numbers, figures, perceptions but momentarily forget that its just another facade mankind curated. While the internet does have its benefits and positive factors, like for instance, you coming across this message; It could also be mentally depleting when you’re constantly on it. This piece is another gentle reminder from us to you:

 for your own mental health, try to be consciously aware of how you’re using your space on the internet, especially social media, and to also ask yourself if it's positively/negatively impacting you.

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100% cotton

Loose Fitted


Color: White

Handwash only / Lukewarm water

no bleach or abrasive products

do not iron over artwork


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