280.000 BD

Not My Private Sailboat

Zain Alkhalifa


Summer State of Life is a lifestyle / mindset of over staying the summer state of mind. Something the hedonist in all of us savors. We are tempted to hold on to imagined communities, experiences timed by light, scent, and sound, and lovers on their way. Summer State of Life Posters encourages bold intention for life filled with joy, expansion, and adventure all year long - illustrated longingly.

This Poster Series B inspired by lovers on the move, captures a very early wild night on a sailing trip, Hedonists in love with love, and a road trip on the Mediterranean, of course.

Where to place it: Bring imagination into empty space in your studio, bedroom, and places where you host people.




Not My Private Sailboat

“The night is young at noon & in the case that we never choose to sail; we’ll bathe in the midnight sun, me singing to you the terrible words of last summer’s pop song. Ones I do not relate to - about how I have a private jet and don’t care about you.”





Not My Private Sailboat, 2020 

Original Prints (only 2)

Graphics on Fine Art Rice Paper 100 gsm


90 cm x 130 cm

Complimentary Worldwide Shipping & Process Poster in A4.

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