Tell me a bit about yourself and your background?

I can only see this as a trick question. I have a 'non-linear' path it seems as most of us do. About myself, I'm quite playful, open, I like the earth, sun, sand and mountains. I have a mild Peter Pan Syndrome which allows me to not take life too seriously... sometimes. My background, I've done all kinds of things, I've coached football, I've worked at a tech startup, I've started a tourism and experiences venture. They all seem quite diverse but there are some elements that tie them all together and that is the amount of human contact, communication, and story-telling. Especially my last two ventures were all about people, bringing people together whether on a football field or to reintroduce ourselves to our homeland. The basis is community, joy, and growth. This is what I bring with me in whichever direction I decide to go in. If you're looking for my creative background, it's all been through trial and error. I had to do things for myself for my own projects. This creative side I've silenced after leaving highschool I wasn't quite sure how to nurture it and build a career with it. I've figured it out - I'm not supposed to try to fit it in a box or give it a name. 

What is your favourite piece out of the range that you carry and why?

Ah, tough one. But it might be "An Evening Out". I like the ending of the text, it is a familiar feeling that a few of my friends could relate to and that's when I knew I touched something in them and I liked that.

Are there any particular designers/artists that inspire you?

Hmm, so many, but I wouldn't always know their names. I come across so many different artists and people with a completely different style but I find them super inspiring. I like simple collages, I like stories, I like imagery. Something that inspires me actually is a fact a friend shared with me, the french don't have a vast vocab per se but, but, they build lots of imagery to get their point across clearly. I thought that was so beautiful because now the images built could be subjective and your message morphs. That's not an artist but it is something that inspires me.


What was the first art / design you made?

Hmm, I did Art ib in school but then put my creative side to rest and resurrected it last year more intensely. So I'll start with last year, first things I dabbled with were collages cut by hand and then got into Adobe Illustrator and bam - so much fun. I moved on to different things but I always liked posters so eventually got to it.

What’s next for you? Do you have any new projects  in the pipeline?

Well, for personal projects I have series B of Summer State of Mind coming up and more I'm sure. I also plan to do some commissioned work. I want to create personalised posters. I also work on a few brands other than artwork, I work with Techa and my young project, FootieCircus.

What would you advise to anyone who would want to start a new venture that leads to success?

Don't take anyone's advice, It'll cloud your judgement. Ask from a place of groundedness (advice would be a useful perspective in the cases where you're grounded, you have the ability to tell if it's useful to you in that moment or not). If you're asking too many questions and you're not sure where to go this is the worst time to ask outside of yourself (I've done this a few times). Stop, look inwards - what the hell does this mean: it means play, do the things you love, do the things that bring you joy and watch where your energy wants to flow. It will not be linear and you will not have a title that makes sense. To me success is you being so damn you.   



Tell us something we don’t know yet about you!

Oh, hmmm, I'm an open book. I think I'd like to DJ someday, I like watching people get over excited and I really like to dance. Like a lot.  


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