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What made you launch an eco-friendly brand?

Kuwait-born fashion brand, Maya Eco has been in operation since 2016. Our company produces garments with the finest 100% Organic Egyptian Cotton, using non-toxic dyes and upskilling machinists to provide job opportunities and stable incomes for our local artisans in Cairo. Human rights championing, timeless designs and very comfortable clothes. Ethically produced and sustainably sourced. We believe in slow, considered production. From first sketch to final stitch, Each collection is defined by a single, natural material. We proudly work with skilled, local artisans in our fair trade factory in Cairo, Egypt.





What was the first piece you made?

The Essential Kaftan, a long trapeze kaftan that has been reiterated in different colors/materials and introduced in almost all of our collections. It just works for all body types. We just love it so much! 


What's next for Maya? Do you have any new projects in the pipeline?

The next evolution for Maya involves the quality-based addition of menswear, childrenswear and homeware, embracing the same meticulous production methodology across our growing range. But soon to be followed and revealed in due time - all we want to say is make sure you keep you follow us to stay updated. 

What would you advise to anyone who would want to start a new venture that leads to success.

I would highly advise to work at their own pace, slow and steady sustained. Take time to get to know your style or the market that you want to enter and explore that. Start small and explore your options. Don't be afraid to reach out to people via social media, LinkedIn, Instagram or even Twitter is a great place to find people. Take your time and explore your options and don't be afraid to start small and see where that takes you.



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