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Tell me a bit about your concept? 

SEVI is a kuwaiti based luxury perfume house established in 2018 specializes in exquisite and nutritious ingredients to offer our esteemed clients with an exceptional aroma. All six scents are carefully made to fit everyone’s preference from the fragrance of florals to the deep and rich aroma of oud. All our perfumes are produced using high oil concentration to ensure a long lasting scent and intense sensation that truly represents SEVI. 



Are there any particular designers/artists that inspire you?

In 2018 we were taking a close look at the local perfume market, we found a gap that needed to be filled. The majority of the perfume shops were created for the locals with a very local vibe, in terms of the design, branding, name, feel, aroma and all. So, we decided to start our own local brand with an international feel, aiming to expand internationally and compete with international brands. 

What makes Sevi unique? 

All our perfumes are produced using high oil concentration to ensure a long lasting scent. We also strongly believe in giving back to our society by donating 3% of our sales to support a good cause.

What was the first scent you launched?

The modern twist on the classic rose was our first scent created by SEVI, it then became our bestseller. We named it November after the month of its establishment.

What's next for SEVI? Do you have any new projects in the pipeline?

We are currently working on a numbers of project, planning on introducing new products such as home scents, electric scent devices, bakhoor and more gift sets. We are also expanding our distribution channels by going on online platforms and a variety of offline retail stores. 

What would you advise to anyone who would want to start a new venture that leads to success?

My only advise to those who would like to start a new venture is to work hard on their plan and strategy. By creating a thoroughly solid plan your strategy will definitely help you reach your your ultimate goal.



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