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Tell me a bit about yourself and your background?

An architect by profession and a traveler by passion, I am definitely a free spirited hippie living in Kuwait, a very active human being, celebrating sunrises and chasing sunsets. I find joy in learning and reading extensively, and make sure I expose myself to as much art as possible. I do miss painting, as it was how I spent almost all my afternoons and evenings throughout middle school and high school. I was always fascinated by theater, operas and  ballets and spending hours wondering at museums was where I felt most comfortable and at ease. I meditate by cooking and I find peace at sea. I started designing at the age of 7 and have had many ventures in the world of fashion design since 2002, during my days at university while studying Architecture, but jewelry design is currently the career I am exploring and the journey I am enjoying.

 Are there any particular designers/artists that inspire you? 

Not really.


What was the first art/design you made?

A dress I designed when I was 7 years old, I still have it to this day. It is orange with a shorter hem on the front a longer trail at the back, Covering my back was a large Butterfly tailored in green satin silk, obviously because it was designed by a 7 year old, and I wore that dress for my uncle's wedding in 1990.

What's next for you? Do you have any new projects in the pipeline?

I am currently working on developing the business plan and strategy for THHABA, we are also developing our team and hopefully all of that will allow me more time to focus on the production of the new designs that I have ready. I am also enjoying creating bespoke designs and engagement rings that are more personal and valuable, and that provides more room for creativity and storytelling. 


What would you advise to anyone who would want to start a new venture that leads to success?

Write your business plan, try to write most of it yourself and then get help with specialists that can develop it further for you, but I have found out that having a plan and a direction is one of the best steps any entrepreneur can take towards bringing his dream to reality. And read,,, a lot !


Tell us something we don't know yet about you!

My phone has not had a ringtone or a vibration alert since 2008. And I do not plan on changing that.



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